School Registration No.


General Instructions:

1) fill the form in BLOCK LETTER only

2) To be filled and signed only by Parents. Name and DOB entered in this form will be treated as final and no changes will be accepted in future.

Grade Applied For :

For Academic Session: 

Student Information

Name of the Student (As per Birth Certificate / Passport)

Date of Birth


Aadhar Card No.

Blood Group




Whether School transport required

Mother Tongue

Residential Address

Pin Code

Family Details (Please Tick the name of the person to be contacted in case of Emergency)

Father’s Full Name

Mother’s Full Name

Aadhar Card No

Aadhar Card No

Educational Qualification




Name of the Organization 

Name of the Organization 

Annual Income

Annual Income

Mobile Number

Mobile Number



Other Details

Single Parent

In case parent are separated custody of the child is with

Guardian Details

Full Name

Relationship to the student

Residential Address



Second Language and Third Language Selection

Second Language

Third Language

Note: a) 2nd and 3rd Language is compulsory from Grades I to V

            b) Availability  of 2nd and 3rd  Language option to be checked with Relationship Executive before filling the details.

Academic Record

Name of the School Last attended

Board of the School Last attended



Number of years in the previous School

Reasons for withdrawal

T.C No

School DISE Code

Student Enrollment No.

Sibling Information (to be fill if applicable)

Sibling Name

Admission No

School & Grade Studying in


I/ We hereby certify that the above information provided by me/us is correct and I/We understand that if the information found
to be incorrect or false, the ward shall be automatically debarred from selection/ admission process without any correspondence
in this regard.

I/ We also understand that the application/registration/short listing does not guarantee admission to my ward.

I/Weaccept the process of Admission undertaken by the school and I/we will abide by the decision taken by the school authorities.

Release and Indemnity Agreements & Parental Agreement Form


, hereby agree to the terms & conditions

mentioned below and agree to be legally bounded by this release.
1. Waive to release, it’s entities and including parents of the student(s) during field trips, sports activities and by
any other liabilities by reason of any accident or injury suffered by the above named student.
2. In the event of medical emergency:
a. The administration of emergency first aid care and treatment at the scene of an emergency by faculty or staff members of
will be carried out.
b. The administration of any treatment deemed necessary by a licensed Medical Practitioner.
c. The transfer to any hospital reasonably accessible by faculty, staff members and volunteers.
We understand that is not financially responsible for any medical treatment, emergency care, or transportation
expenses and also not liable for any allergic reactions to medication resulting from failure of notification on my part.
We hereby certify that we have read and fully understand the conditions.
3. We also understand at the school, on accepting the admission form of our ward, is not bound to grant admission. If admission
is granted, we promise to abide by the rules and regulations of the school and pay all fees time to time as given in
admission notice.
4. We authorize the school staff to photograph my child or video record using any electronic media for use in presentations,
promotions and educational activities without compensation and such media will remain intellectual property.


Father’s Signature

Mother’s Signature

Guardian’s Signature



Annual Tuition Fee :

in words

Other fees :

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Receipt No.:

Date Paid:

Complete admission checklist

Birth Certificate

Transfer Certificate

Passport Size Photographs

Aadhaar Card

Health Certificate

Any other relevant documents

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